Boosters are the instrument that make MOAR's Borrow Boost possible. From the financial instruments perspective, they are decentralized Put options.
MOAR currently supports UNION Protocol's C-OP option.

How Boosters Work

Boosters help you extract more $ borrow power for your deposited collateral. A Booster is specific to an asset. MOAR currently supports ETH Boosters, thought we will look to add other assets such as WBTC.
At the time of purchase, a Booster is bought with a strike price and a maturity date.
  1. 1.
    The strike price is theoretically how much $ borrowing power could be locked for the collateral, provided there is sufficient collateral and MPC available in the account. For example, a Booster with a strike of $3,000 could provide up to $3,000 per unit of collateral borrowed against.
  2. 2.
    The maturity is how long the Booster is in effect for. At maturity, set at 21:00:00 UTC on day of expiration, the $ borrowing power of the collateral would reset to the Non-Boosted amount.
Boosters have to be used with its collateral to be effective. For example, if a borrower has 5 ETH Booster units, he/she must have 5 ETH deposited in MOAR to Boost.

How to Boost

Boosters can be loaded into MOAR through two ways:
  1. 1.
    Boosted as part of the MOAR Borrow process.
  2. 2.
    Purchased independently by the borrower from UNION Protocol's C-OP site and deposited.
Check the Guide for more information.

Booster Utilization

Booster Utilization measures how much of a Booster's potential $ borrow boost is being currently used. Booster utilization rates can be seen in your Booster dashboard.
When a Booster is purchased as part of a MOAR borrow, it will always be 100% utilized since MOAR auto-optimizes the amount of Booster to purchase.
When a Booster is purchased independently from MOAR and then deposited, MOAR checks two metrics to maximize utilization:
  1. 1.
    The amount of boostable collateral deposited in account. For example, a Booster may have 10 Booster Units, but there are only 8 ETH deposited in account. This means a maximum of 80% utilization will be reached on deposit.
  2. 2.
    The MPC of the account for the collateral. For example, an account that has 50% MPC can only utilize 50% of the Booster units.
These two metrics are used in tandem to obtain the final maximum utilization. For example, if an account has 8 ETH and MPC of 50%, the maximum utilization for a 10-unit Booster will be 8 * 50% / 10 = 40%
Once the Booster has been deposited, the amount of $ boosted borrow power is set! For example, if you add collateral after a Booster is deposited, the utilization rate of the Booster will not automatically adjust for the collateral deposited.
Independently purchased and deposited Booster $ borrow values are snapshot and locked at time of deposit! Make sure you have maximized your collateral deposits and MPC before depositing an independently purchased Booster.
You can re-optimize a Booster, but this will cost you gas.

Re-Optimizing Boosters

A Booster that is not 100% utilized can be re-optimized should the account deposit additional boostable collateral or increase its MPC. Should a Booster be available for re-optimizaton, the "Optimize" button will be shown next to the Booster in the Booster Dashboard.